Kemna persons in Albergen, Netherland taken to court
by Frans Scholten

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Because there was no preferred spelling of words and names in Netherland before about 1800, the name Kemna was written in a variety of ways: Cemna, Cemnae, Kemnae, Cemmenae, Kemmenae, Cemmena and Kemmena.
The meaning of the name is probably derived from the latin word "caminada", meaning "brick fireplace with chimney" in a house.

A lot of data on Kemna persons, living mostly in Albergen, in the region of Twente, in the east of Netherland, was gathered. This data is not from the preferred sources for genealogists and family tree makers, the baptism, marriage and burial books of the churches, but exclusively from lawsuits, especially those of the "Landgericht Ootmarsum" (Court for the countryside around Ootmarsum).
Villages in this area were Denekamp and Tubbergen and the hamlets were: Noord Deurningen, Tilligte, Lattrop, Brekkelenkamp, Nutter en Olde Ootmarsum, Groot Agelo, Klein Agelo, Hesingen and Brunnikhuis, Vasse, Mander, Geesteren, Fleringen, Reutum and Albergen. However the town of Ootmarsum had city rights and had its own Town Court, which was completely separate.
A small part of the data is from the "Landgericht Oldenzaal" (Court for the countryside around Oldenzaal). Villages in this area were Losser and Weerselo and the hamlets were: Beuningen, De Lutte, Berghuizen, Rossum, Volte, Lemselo, Gammelke, Deurningen, Hasselo, Klein Driene en Dulder. The town of Oldenzaal had city rights too and its Town Court was completely separate too.

So this data only concerns court cases and lawsuits in which the Kemna family was involved since about 1605.

Therefore, this data is a very valuable addition to the baptism, marriage and burial data of the churches, especially when your genealogy research came to a standstill due to lacking church book records. This alternative genealogical source might just provide the missing link in the Kemna ancestry you were looking for. The data is rare too, because few genealogists have been involved with lawsuits. It is not easy to gather the data yourself, because the Court Protocols are huge and do not have an index.

Below, links to 3 files are shown, which together cover the time period from about 1605 to about 1760. The names of Kemna persons and the years have been omitted, but are available in principle. These stripped files are provided to show you what kind of information is availabe, to allow you to decide whether this data is interesting enough for you. The 3 completed files are 11 pages (Arial 10pt) altogether. The source of all data is given as well.

In the data many ancient Dutch words are used, typical for old Court Protocols. Some words are now obsolete or had another meaning than nowadays. This might make the text difficult to understand, even for those with contemporary knowledge of the Dutch language. A translation as well as the meaning of those ancient words can be provided.

Sample of data on Kemna in Albergen, part 1 ( 1720 - 1760)
Sample of data on Kemna in Albergen, part 2 ( 1690 - 1720)
Sample of data on Kemna in Albergen, part 3 ( 1605 - 1690)

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